Sugar 45

We are direct to a large sugar refinery in Brazil. We can provide the following on a FOB refinery basis.

    a). Grade: ICUMSA 45 RBU
    b). Origin: Brazil, S. America
    c). Specs: Polarazation 99.80%
    d). Packing/Marking: 50kg. net double sacks; palletized 2% spare bags shall be supplied, marked in English with:
      1. name & grade
      2. use by date and crop year
      3. net wt.
      4. code marks
      5. country of orgin

      e). Contracts only: Miinmum 12,500 MT monthly or 150,000 MT annually; spot prices will be slighly higher if available.

    Email all all LOI's in PDF format to:
    JOEB Commodities
    Edward C Bahl
    Managing Partner

    Please include the following information in your LOI:

      1 - Product: Sugar 45 (white or brown)
      2 - Quantity: 11,500 MT per month minimum.
      3 - Delivery: FOB Refinery (Brazil).
      4 - Price: Based on market pricing minus discount depending on quantity.
      5 - Term: Contract or Spot.
      (** Contracts are for 12 months. SPOTS are very difficult to fill as contracts take priority).
      6 - Payment: Buyer MUST post a DLC in the refinery's favor prior to the buyers ship being loaded. Upon loading and Q&Q verification, Buyer pays by MT103.

    All LOI's will receive a reply within 48 to 72 hours.