We live in a dangerous world. Back when I was a young man growing up some 40 years ago it was customary for people to trust each other. When two parties agreed to do business and shook hands that was considered "good enough". No lawyers, no contracts, just two parties with intergrity and character ageeing verbally to consumate a business transaction.

    Fast forward to 2012. We now live in a very different world. Commerce is now done globally at the blink of an eye. Commodities are bougfht and sold on a global basis with the click of a mouse button. Unfortunately, due to technology advancements and global commerce there are also many people out there trying to scam good people. We have all heard the horror stories of scam artists operating from around the globe whether its involving oil, gold, diamonds or a variety of other commodities, there are nefarious individuals out there that have absolutely no intention of conducting business with integrity.

    Unfortunately with the Internet and latest software applications, people have the ability to easily produce fraudulent "proof of product" documents that look authentic and make it very difficult for credible buyers to verify the legitimate nature of products they are attempting to purchase. The fact is the only TRUE way of verifying product (commodities) is by having "boots on the ground". The buyer must have a reputable service at the port that can verify the product is what the POP documents claim it to be.

    Until a Seller and Buyer consumate their first transaction, both parties are depending on each others integrity to deliver the commodity agreed to and to pay for that commodity per the transactional agreement. Once the first transaction is completed, the foundation for trust and confidence has been created and a long term mutually beneficial relationship between the Seller and the Buyer can be developed.

    My partner,Joe Ochoa and I have been involved in the commodities business for over 30 years. We have numerous references to include associates, executives, heads-of-state, political parties, etc. Our credibility and reputation are critical to our continued success in this industry. We strive daily to continue building our credibility one satisfied client at a time!

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