As an END BUYER how many times have you attempted to close a deal only to find out that the “Seller” did not own the product and could not show you POP after you provided a RWA letter, BCL or MT799?

The reason is very simple, there are very few REAL independent sellers out there that actually own and hold title to the product. Most “Sellers” out right lie to the BUYER telling the BUYER that they hold title to the product when in fact they are trying to use the BUYERS financials to purchase the product at “X” dollars and resell it to the same BUYER at “X” plus dollars.

Not only are they complete liars, they are also committing FRAUD and should be prosecuted!

The good news is that you now have the ability to work directly with a REAL Seller that has a proven performance history of closing transactions. Our Suppliers actually own the product they offer through this web site!

No more lies, deceit and just plain BS from pretend Sellers. We represent exclusively the REAL Seller with verified and confirmed product.